We see the opportunities, where the others don’t

Selaras Holding Group founded in 2009 is an  Indonesia-based investment management and holding company with operations throughout Indonesia. Our principal business interests related to land  and real estate development, hospitality, and healthcare.

We invest in the future and specialize in sectors in which we have experience and knowledge. We concentrate on investments with the highest possible value-added and try to give them our undivided attention.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Selaras Holding Group has over 10 portfolio companies and subsidiaries operating throughout Indonesia and a proven track record which is constantly recognized the market.

Now, in 2017, our group focuses on health care by planning to build three new hospitals  (West Jakarta, Serpong, and Bandung), and five clinics.

Selaras Holding Group prides itself on its culture of integrity, innovation, vision, and value creation.




Hotel Holiday Inn Cikarang Jababeka

Grande Valore Condominium 1

Grande Valore Condominium 2

Maria D. Komala, B.Arch.

Co-founder & Chairwoman

She was born in 1961 in Jakarta. She graduated from University of Tarumanegara Jakarta for Architectural Engineering in 1985. She is the co-founder of this group of companies. She started her career as an architect at PT InterArts Graha Selaras, and then she manages several companies under the group. Now, she is still active in the subsidiary company become director or commissioner. She supports the business in architectural design and controls the entire System and Procedure of the operational process of the group and its subsidiaries. She has long experiences in real estate developing, hospitality business, and healthcare management.

Edhijanto Widaja Taufik, Ph.D

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

He was born in 1960 in Pekalongan. He graduated from University of Parahyangan Bandung for  Civil Engineering in 1984 and from Bandung Institute of Technology for Telecommunication Engineering in 1985. In the midst of  his busy work, he kept adding to knowledge by studying for the master  and then doctoral degree in management. He pursued his higher education in management, and hold Master of Business Administration from Institute PPM in 1986 and Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Management from University of Indonesia in 2014. His topic in doctoral research is how to create the strategy for real estate company in turbulence time.

After graduation of his bachelor degree, he worked for a subsidiary company in Indonesia of Internatio-Muller, the Netherland Public Listed Company. And then three years after, in 1989 he established his own company in trading, and building & interior construction. Since 2005, his company focuses more in land development with the first development was commercial shophouses complex at Tanah Abang Textile and Garment Center in the Central of Jakarta. Then his company entered to transient property to gain recurring income by building four stars hotel in Bandung. His business has grown very well passing through the economy turbulence in 1998 and global crisis in 2008. Now the group owns and manages 10 subsidiary companies in four different sectors: real estate development, hospitality, healthcare, and agriculture. 

 In 2012, he achieved AM Kadarman Award for Strategic Change Leader – Entrepreneur Category. He is a member of Indonesia Strategic Management Society (ISMS) and Academy of Management (USA). He becomes guest lecture for entrepreneurship and strategic management in some Universities and Institution, such as University of Indonesia, Maranatha Christian University, School of Business and Management Bandung Institute of Technology, PPM School of Management, and Indonesia Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI).

Dr. Benedictus R. Widaja, MBChB

VP & COO Mandaya Medical Group 

He was born in 1987 in Jakarta. He graduated from School of Medicine of University of Manchester (UK) in 2011. After serving as  a medical doctor at Preston Hospital (UK), he came back to his home country Indonesia, to start his career.  He joined with Selaras Holding as a Business Development Manager who is in charge in organizational development and finance. Then he is appointed as Vice President & Chief Operational Officer (COO) of Mandaya Medical Group (PT Mandaya Sehat Utama). And now he is also the CEO of PT Cito Medika Utama (Mandaya Hospital  Karawang)

Theodorus Adrianto, BA, BSc, MS.

 Vice President SelarasLand

He was born in 1990 in Jakarta. He graduated from University of California at Irvine for Chemical Engineering (BSc) and for Economy (BA) in 2012. After graduation, he came back to Jakarta and worked for Orang Tua Group for a year. Then he moved to Coca Cola Company for another year. In March 2014 he joined Selaras Holding Group and he is appointed as Finance Manager of the group. He left the group to pursue his further study in January 2016. After he got his Master of Science (MS) degree in Real Estate Finance from New York University in May 2017, he rejoined the group. Now he is responsible for the whole SelarasLand activities.

Maria Marcellina, BSc (Arch)

Vice President SelarasHospitality

She was born in 1992 in Jakarta. She graduated in Architecture from University of California at Berkeley in May 2013. She worked for Synergy Property Advisory for one year, the she moved to Cushman Wakefield Property Advisory for another year. She joined Selaras Holding in January 2015. And now she is responsible for managing SelarasHospitality.

Citra Pusvita, BSc, MSc

 Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

She was born in 1987 in Jambi. She graduated in Optometry from University of Manchester (UK). She completed her Master Degree in Marketing from Manchester Business School (UK). She worked for Optique Paris Miki Singapore and Capitol Optical Singapore, and then she worked for Optik Melawai as head of training and product brand manager.  Since 2014, she joined Selaras Holding to support development of the group in healthcare business in Indonesia. Besides that she is responsible for group marketing.